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I like Renato Zero very much and I started to become a fan the backward way. Going from the latest album back to his beginnings. I bought first of all “ZEROFOBIA” and “ZEROLANDIA”to get a feeling for his early songs and compare them with the pictures of his beginning as well as all these unique costumes of the late 70`s. And to read more about the life of this slightly crazy looking, but very handsome man.
Over the years, I have become a “fedele sorcina” following his moves, buying his new CD´s, reading books about his life and career (especially the one written so beautifully by Massimo del Papa, complimenti !!).
Andrea, Vienna

You're so kind. I'm going to release a new ebook on Zero. Meanwhile, I will talk about "Ti vivrò accanto" and other music books on feb 15, at Koob Bookshop, Rome.